Whether you’re selling an investment property or a home of a lifetime, getting to choose a real estate agent can sometimes be a very big decision.

In this article, I will be explaining how to choose a real estate agent. Looking for an estate agent? Here are six awesome tips to help you.

1. Do Proper Research

Do proper research about potential agents just like you would if you were going to purchase an investment property or sell to buyers. Make proper observations to see how they work.

2. Look Local

When you choose an estate agent, that agent is going to be a representative of you and your property. Consequently, it is important for your estate agent to have thorough insight and knowledge about the area.

This is as a result of the market being saturated with competitors and it’s always important to know what you’re up against.

An estate agent who knows what’s going on in your locality can access your home alongside other properties as it sits in the market.

For example, if you’re selling a property in the Salisbury area, using a real estate expert on the local Salisbury market like GM Real Estate would help you ensure you get a more accurate understanding of the value of your property, what potential buyers are looking for and how to maximise your sale price.

3. Try Out Yourself

One great way to look for an estate agent is during open house inspections. This would help you have an understanding of how the agents work. 

Does the agent have all the necessary information ready?

You do not have to pick out open homes that are in any way similar to yours, they could be different, this is just an opportunity for you to see how your agent presents an open house and relates with potential buyers. 

At the inspection, here are a few things you should watch out for and take note of;

Does the estate agent communicate with potential buyers using a style of communication that makes you comfortable and enables you to relate with them? 

Their attitude after the open house inspection. Did they give you a follow-up after you had attended the open house inspection to see if you were still interested in the property and wanted more information? Is this an act you want your estate agent to engage in?

We’re they patient with you while explaining the details? We’re your questions about the house answered?

What do you think about how the property listed was marketed or advertised by the agent?

4. Be Comfortable with the agent

How comfortable are you with the agent? You need to be very honest with an agent while the selling process is ongoing, therefore, you should be comfortable with your agent and have proper communications.

5. Check the results

Take a look at other properties recently sold by the agent. How well did they sell? Demand for facts and prices, know what’s been selling in your area for the past few months and the manager of the property.

6. Proper Market Knowledge

Your estate agent should be able to provide a detailed picture of the market in your area and other close areas. They should know about transport, schools, and other important details such as buyers looking to settle in the area.