Selling your home in summer is all about displaying the exterior looks of your property, making the most of the outdoor areas that can help your home look more attractive.

Potential buyers love comfortable lifestyles so, your home outlook should help them imagine what it would look like to have a time out in the yard with friends during the weekends, or cook up the most delicious barbeque in the backyard. However, before you begin the process of investing your money in making any major changes to your home, you should consult your agent and get to know what they think since they’re professionals and they have more experience in that field. 

In this article, you’ll learn all that you need to do to prepare your home for summer sales and other vital information. 

1. Ensure all necessary repairs are carried out

Talk a walk around the outside of your home and make a list of the items that need fixing from the perspective of a buyer. Begin with the front gate, is it squeaky or bent? Does any part of your fence need repair? Is the lawn properly cut? Clean your gutters and even the window panes. Check out this article on how you can make your home ready for sale

2. Make the most of your curb appeal

Many potential buyers will often do a drive past your home before they come in to have a look at it. They will want to see if the property is good looking on the outside and worth their time at all, so improve the front appeal of your home and make it look attractive. Clean the fence if it looks scruffy in any way, cut your lawns, tidies up the garden beds and remove dead plants. You can also decorate your garden beds with simple shrubs and a few larger plants to help create a beautiful effect. You can include window boxes with some colourful flowers to give your home a more welcoming feel.

3. Repair your deck

A deck is just like an outdoor room and sometimes serves as one! Consequently, ensure to wash it down with the aid of a high-pressure water hose to get rid of any grime. If your deck has been damaged in any way, make all necessary repairs such as replacing badly deteriorated boards and even sanding any rough spots to prevent splinters. Your deck will look great and potential buyers will love it. Outside of aesthetic looks, you also need to be aware of potential risks of selling a property with damage or repairs needed. As a real estate agent, Greg Murphy of GM Real Estate notes that with the majority of houses selling in Salisbury with a building and pest inspection requirement, a damaged deck will likely be flagged in the report which could jeopardise the sale. So fix that deck to ensure you get the best potential price for your property and avoid the sale selling through. 

4. Maximise your courtyard space

You should maximise your courtyard space if you have a courtyard, for instance, you can develop a focal point such as a water feature. This should however be placed at the furthest point from the entrance to your home so that the sight of your buyer is drawn to a distance, giving them a sense of space.

You can also use large pavers to pave the entire space if your budget is large enough to accommodate it. Avoid using any dark colours in your courtyard as it would reduce the perception of enough space.

5. Keep your home light-filled and cool.

While summer is the best time to make the most of your outdoor areas, it is also about finding an internal balance between keeping the property properly lighted and cool. If you have an air conditioner, ensure you turn it on, creating cross ventilation breezes is better and if you have fans, you can engage too.

The point is to make your home cool and comfortable but not all closed up so that potential buyers can feel welcomed.