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Selling your home in Paralowie be difficult without the right guidance. Your property could end up on the market for months or even years, costing you a lot of time and money. This means you will not be able to move into your new home or use the sale funds for your next investment. The best way to ensure a quick and profitable sale is by finding a local real estate agent who understands how to achieve the best value for your home. With over a decade in local real estate, GM Real Estate is the best choice. We work closely with our clients to create the right sales campaign to ensure that we get the result you are looking for. Here is what you need to know:

Why you should use Greg Murphy at GM Real Estate to sell your home

Track Record

We have worked with some of the biggest names in Adelaide’s northern suburb real estate game and have a proven track record of getting fantastic results for our clients. Greg has a particularly good record in both the Greater Northern suburbs and Paralowie and is widely regarded as the number one real estate agent in the area.

Trust and Integrity

GM Real Estate has over a decade of experience in the industry and knows exactly how to get deals done. Our approach is open, honest and professional and we always discuss every step of the approach with our clients to ensure they are a major part of every decision. This helps us to build a fantastic relationship with all of our clients and get the best deal for them. This is why Greg has not only helped families sell their homes, but now even helped their children to secure the best price for their home or investment.

Local Knowledge

Greg Murphy has lived in Adelaide’s northern suburbs all of his working life so he knows the market inside out. At GM Real Estate, we understand the market inside out and know what makes it so attractive to first time buyers, families, investors and young professionals alike. We are able to take this knowledge and create a sales plan that appeals perfectly to the target market.

Who is GM Real Estate?

GM Real Estate is a local, independent agency that is focused on helping our home owners in Paralowie get the best deal for their homes. We treat every client as an individual case and always go the extra mile to ensure our sales process will get them the best possible outcome. Our business model is 100% client-orientated and we have twenty years of the best contacts in Paralowie and the Northern Suburbs to help you sell your home and move on to your next property opportunity.

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