Moving house can be a stressful time for most people as there are many things to worry about such as getting home insurance, sorting out a new mortgage, maintenance, property taxes and repairs. 

In addition to these typical costs of buying a new home, there are also less apparent costs that you should consider and plan for, so before you start packing everything up here are some costs of moving house you should be aware of.

Waste Disposal

When moving to a new house you may want to change out some of your furniture or take the opportunity to throw away things you have been hoarding for a while. Typically for larger jobs, people use a skip bin guide like this Adelaide skip hire list to get an idea of the skip bin types and sizes available and suitable for the amount of rubbish they have. Before ordering a skip bin it is a good idea to measure how much waste you have and the area you will place it. Usually for a small to medium quantity of garbage people order a 4 cubic metre skip bin for around $200-$300.

Moving Equipment and Supplies

To ensure your belongings are transported carefully you will need to buy plenty of things to package them including cardboard boxes, moving blankets, packing paper, packing peanuts, plastic covers and tape. On average people spend between $65-$80 on packaging supplies. 

If you are going to do most of the packing, lifting and transporting yourself then you will probably need to hire a truck and moving equipment such as trolleys to help you move heavier items. 

House Cleaning 

When moving, both your new or old houses may need a deep clean to prepare them for new residents. Some homeowners may choose to do the cleaning themselves, however, if you are pushed for time or the house needs professionally cleaning then it can be worth calling a cleaning service which typically costs around $180. 

Professional Movers

Moving house will of course involve lots of packing, lifting, loading and unloading so unless you can get help from friends and family, you will likely have to hire a moving company. The budget you will have to set aside for this depends on the size of your house, however, it can range from $500-$2500. 


Before moving into a new property, you will want to make sure the electricity, gas and water are still connected as usually the previous owners would have had them disconnected. The total reconnection cost for all of your utilities will be between $100 and $200 depending on your suppliers. 


One of the easiest times to repaint or even renovate your new house is whilst it is standing empty without any decor or furniture in it. Usually, your new home would have had a new lick of paint when it recently went on the market, however, most homeowners will want to change the colours and interior design styles to match their preferences. The cost of paint and materials needed to decorate an average-sized room in Australia is between $250-$400 depending on the type of paint you buy. 

Aside from the more obvious costs of moving house such as a mortgage and property taxes, there are also several less obvious costs associated with moving to a new property including waste disposal, packaging supplies, professional moving services, cleaning and decorating.

If you’re looking for recommendations on any of these services, you can ask your real estate agent who will have advice on local services you can trust.