Whether you’re looking to buy your first home, upgrade or invest in a property, the Salisbury council area represents some of the best value properties in Adelaide. To help you out in your property journey we’ve created a shortlist of some of the best areas to consider based on the different types of buyers.

For the first home buyer

Salisbury North

The most affordable of the “Salisburys”, Salisbury North is a great option for the first home buyer looking to enter the property market on a budget. With the majority of houses on relatively large blocks compared to new builds in the North, you can snap up a renovators delight into the low 200’s with a large front and backyard with plenty of parking.


Salisbury is the centre of the Salisbury LGA and is central to most infrastructure in the area. So if you’re looking to be close to shopping, cinemas, restaurants and public transport for both the local area and commuting to the CBD, Salisbury is an excellent place to start. Due to large amount of commercial activity in this area there aren’t a huge amount of homes available in Salisbury at any one time, however it still remains an affordable option for first home buyers with the current median price range of $315,000.

For the upgrader


Build largely between the 80’s and 90’s, Paralowie is currently seeing an expansion in its area with new home development which has spurred redevelopment of nearby infrastructure, shopping centre upgrades and well regarded private schools. You can pick up an entry level 80’s built home in the low 200’s in Paralowie, right up to brand new 4 bedroom double garage builds into the 400’s.

Salisbury Heights

The most expensive of the Salisbury suburbs, Salisbury Heights stands out from the nearby suburbs with its high percentage of larger well-appointed homes. Salisbury Heights since its establishment was developed as a higher price point suburb which has then attracted good quality builds, so if you’re looking for a larger home with multiple living spaces, spare bedrooms or games rooms you’re going to be in luck in this area. The average house price in the area is $400,000, however it’s not uncommon to see renovated or newest builds in the area going for upwards of $900,000.

For the investor

Salisbury North

That’s right, it’s back on the list not just for first home buyers but for the investor too. The low entry point whilst relatively strong rental demand means you can start to build a property portfolio with strong cash flow with a minimal deposit. With average rents for houses at $300 per week or a 6.02% median rental yield, forget negative gearing as you’ll potentially be cash flow positive from day 1.

Ingle Farm

Ingle Farm sits on the south eastern fringe of the Salisbury Local Government Area making it one of the closest suburbs to the CBD. This area was largely developed in the 1960’s through to the 70’s by the SA Housing Trust, the area is currently going through significant redevelopment with many of these older homes being knocked down and subdivided into multiple properties.

You can currently snap up entry level properties in Ingle farm from the $350,000 mark.

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